Dec 5, 2009

I'm in Okinawa

Finally I run at Naha marathon tomorrow!!
I'm very exciting now, and I love Okinawa!
Here is not cold and hot very confortable weather!


Jul 14, 2009


Rainy season is over in Tokyo area!!!
Summer comes here!! Yatta!! :)
I like summer, 'cause maybe I was born in summer, July 4th. :)
But I think it didn't rain during rainy season, so I hope we don't face severe water shortages...

Jun 22, 2009

Father's day

I send lightly-roasted bonito(it's called "Katsuo no tataki" in Japanese) to my father for father's day.He called me that he got it today.He was very glad to it. I'm also glad. :)
He don't eat yet.I said him "you should eat quickly, 'cause it's flesh!"
"Yeah, I'll eat it tomorrow with sake, hehehe. :)"
Have a nice appetizer! :D

I like lightly-roasted bonito very much!!! I like all of seafood than meat.
In fact, I'm vegetarian(More precisely, I'm pescatarian.I eat seafood and egg, but I don't eat any meat).'cause after eating meat, I get bad condition.I must fasting for detoxification.And I had watched one video on internet cruelty to animals for meat.I feel I don't need any meat, shouldn't to eat it, I can't eat it! For cause 2 reason, I've been vegetarian since about 2 years ago.
But when I go out somewhere with friends of mine or my family and then somewhere go to restaurant, I always enjoy eat-time.They love meat, so I don't throw out their tastes.
Maybe vegetarian(semi vegetarian,lacto-ovo vegetarian,and vegan) is in a minority in Japan.So it's difficult to mutual understanding between non-vegetarian and vegetarian.
What do you think?

Jun 14, 2009

I added something.

I added one item on left side in this blog.
It's counter for marathon that I'll run full or half marathon race.
I can know and care race day. :)

I wake up 5 am and ran for 1 hour in this weekend.

Jun 7, 2009

I could record my career best of full marathon!!

I could completed run at marathon today!
Yesterday, I wrote I hope completed run within 4 hours and 30 minutes.
But today, I could 3 hours 54 minutes and 23 seconds!!!!!!
I could record my career best of full marathon race! I'm very happy!
I never imagine I could get such a best recored earlier!
I'm very happy now! and I'll try to my best for next race!

Minazuki Tokyo Kita Marathon

Finally, I'll run at marathon tomorrow!
I hope complete run within 4 hour and 30min.

I cooked dinner penne all'abiata and salada.

Many runner always eat carbohydrate-rich meal before marathon.
So I also cook and eat it in this week.

Well, I'll do my best tomorrow!!

May 30, 2009

What really want in my deeply mind?

I had a job interview in before yesterday.
I'd like to get main job quick.But I don't like that company job very much, but anyway first of all, I need to get something job.
I'll get the result at next week.
but one person said me "Don't compromise in serching job. You should serch what you really want. You should consider with have your own business."
After that, I'm unable to make a quick decision.
What should I do? I might compromise in it if I'll hear about good result.

---What kind of job what I really want...?
Asking myself but I'm not sure...
Also she said me "Your life mission's key-word is "children". I wonder if you want to teach something or lead to children in your deeply mind"
(She is not fortune-teller.She is one of healer.)
Mmm, I like children very much, I like sing a song, drawing(I'm used to be CG designer.) and dancing with them. And I've been a little think that it would be very happy if I could teach English them with songs or drawing.
I'm not interested in babysitter. I'm very interested in teaching English of infants and want to lead them. There is a licentiate for the job in Japan.
I need to seek the information.And I have to study hard English, too!
And I hope I can get really want to do for my life. Well, I also want some kids myself. :)